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Busy Weekend, as Always

This past weekend found our family making the trip north to Mount Pleasant.  There was a homeschool basketball state tournament there that they boys were playing in and I was coaching.  Being a ten and under team, we hadn’t had any weekend away tournaments up until this point so it was a good experience for the kids to spend a lot of time with their teammates watching the older kids play basketball.

We were lucky enough to win our age group and be awarded an altogether too large of a trophy.  The kids all played great and it has been so fun coaching them all this year.  Not only did we have my boys as siblings on the team, there was another brother pair so that was also fun.  With boys ranging in age from 7-10 it has been a fun season of watching them grow as boys and as basketball players.  Because of that the end of the season is bittersweet.  The time back from practicing and playing will be nice, but the boys have been making some of their best improvements the last few practices.  I look forward to next season and the challenges and opportunities that it will entail.

Upon getting home Homestead Boy #1 wasn’t feeling well, and Sunday morning found me under the weather as well.  Hoping to kick the cold quickly and get back to normal.  Being sick is never fun.