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Star Photography, First Attempt

I have always been fascinated by stars.  Before we even moved out to our Homestead for years I loved being out here early in the morning or late at night after hunting and just looking at the clear night sky and all the stars.

A couple times I have tried to take pictures of stars, but I always tried to let the auto features on the camera make it work, and it never did.  As I have been doing more videos with my YouTube channel I am learning my camera better so I decided to give star photography another go.

These are the pictures I came up with, they aren’t great, but it leaves plenty of room for improvement.  I  had my ISO at either 3200 or 6400, I believe the f-stop was around 3.5(which was as low as my camera would allow), and the shutter time was 15-20 seconds.   One of the most unique pictures is the picture that has a streak of light through the bottom, it was a car driving buy during the exposure.  Let me know what you think, and give me some tips if you have experience with night photography.

That bright streak across the bottom is a car passing by during the exposure.

DSC02041 DSC02042 DSC02043 DSC02044 DSC02046 DSC02047 DSC02048 DSC02049 DSC02050

Bell Rung

When I was young, we had a bell that hung outside the back sliding door. When it was time to come in for dinner, my mom would ring the bell and we would come running. We could be half the subdivision away and we could hear that bell.

Last fall I purchased a bell from Amazon for our house. I didn’t figure that I would feel like yelling every time the kids were across the property and I liked the idea of the bell.

Yesterday I finally got a chance to put it up, at least temporarily. I grabbed a scrap piece of wood, that is badly warped, and hung it by the front door. Now, when it’s time for the kids to come in, there won’t be any more yelling. It will eventually find a permanent home on the new deck that will be built at the front door. Until then, this will do.

IMG_6335 IMG_6336

I shared these pictures on Instagram, but I like them too much not to share them here too.

IMG_6337 IMG_6338

Another Look What I Found!

While I was working at the farm(that is what we have always called the property we are going to move to) I found this caterpillar on a branch I had trimmed away from one of our paths.  I have no idea what kind it is, I am guessing one of my wonderful readers know.  I had the darnedest time holding the branch and trying to get my iphone camera to focus on the furry little bugger.  Either the hand with the camera would move, my hand with the branch would move, or the fuzz on the caterpillar wouldn’t allow the camera to focus.  I hope the pictures aren’t too bad.

IMG_1519 IMG_1520 IMG_1521

Along with my inability to name flowers, naming caterpillars isn’t my forte.  I figured since he wasn’t camouflaged he was probably toxic in some capacity so after taking the pictures I left him alone.