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Star Photography, First Attempt

I have always been fascinated by stars.  Before we even moved out to our Homestead for years I loved being out here early in the morning or late at night after hunting and just looking at the clear night sky and all the stars.

A couple times I have tried to take pictures of stars, but I always tried to let the auto features on the camera make it work, and it never did.  As I have been doing more videos with my YouTube channel I am learning my camera better so I decided to give star photography another go.

These are the pictures I came up with, they aren’t great, but it leaves plenty of room for improvement.  I  had my ISO at either 3200 or 6400, I believe the f-stop was around 3.5(which was as low as my camera would allow), and the shutter time was 15-20 seconds.   One of the most unique pictures is the picture that has a streak of light through the bottom, it was a car driving buy during the exposure.  Let me know what you think, and give me some tips if you have experience with night photography.

That bright streak across the bottom is a car passing by during the exposure.

DSC02041 DSC02042 DSC02043 DSC02044 DSC02046 DSC02047 DSC02048 DSC02049 DSC02050

Falling Back

Many of you who know me know that I have very strong feelings about the time change in the fall.  Falling back into darkness at 6 o’clock in the evening is in my mind, ridiculous.  I despise it, if I were to ever achieve an elected position my first goal would be to remove the time change in the fall.  I understand that this would effectively change our time zone, but I would do what I needed to do end this shamockery.

To this point, I have been unable to find even a silver lining for the early darkness.  It makes it difficult to get anything done outside in the evening after my wife is home from work.  Same thing with trying to get out hunting during the week.  This evening however, I found something that comes close to a silver lining.

While outside, in the dark, feeding one of our cows, Homestead Boy #2 joined me.  I had a headlamp on, and he brought a flashlight.  After feeding the steer and checking on the chickens I turned off my headlamp and instructed him to do the same.  He asked why and I answered that we couldn’t see the stars as well with them on.  So we stood there peering into the starry night.  We managed to discover two satellites among the throng of blinking jets.  And then I saw the brightest meteorite I have even seen.  It seemed as though it was across the street and I could clearly see the shape of the, what I will call burnout.  It was extremely cool, and my son thought so as well.  We stared into the dark for a few more minutes before heading back inside.  All of this happened around seven o’clock in the evening.

Now this doesn’t change my opinion of time falling back.  This could have been done around eight, had time not changed, but it probably wouldn’t have been as likely.  Around 8 we probably would have started the kids on the long process of getting ready for bed.  So it was nice to be able to spend that time with my son enjoying the stars.  But if you elect me I will undo this abomination.  Have a great evening.